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Toniq Retail

Toniq Retail is a very easy to use Point of Sale (POS) system for all your sales, stock control and reporting needs, no matter how large or small your business.


Stores install the Retail software and Microsoft's SQL database.  The software can integrate with Toniq Corporate retail management software, various national loyalty programmes and, for pharmacies, also integrates with Toniq's Dispensary software.


POS Selling

  • Logon, scan and tender, it can be that easy to complete a POS sale in Toniq Retail
  • Toniq Retail's feature-packed POS system allows many ways to product search, edit, discount and credit without leaving the main POS selling screen
  • Define your own tenders, have as many or as few as you like, with the ability to split tender any sale
  • Quick and easy Client, prescription and 'parked' transaction recall options
  • Integrated eftpos solutions are available to reduce sales processing time and re-keying errors
  • Easy end-of-day, petty cash, banking and reporting processes


Stock Control

  • Implement your own 'tree' structure (hierarchy) for product grouping, bulk maintenance and reporting purposes
  • Produce and send Toniq algorithm-created orders, incorporating items and quantities based on your previous sales history
  • Easy stock taking processes, using either 'rolling' paper based  or Pocket Toniq PDAs, whether you complete stocktakes regularly or annually
  • Maintain individual products or select and edit entire groups of products quickly and easily using our Bulk maintenance options, great for setting up specials or making changes over entire product ranges
  • Utilise Toniq Price lists for the quick easy addition of new products and product ranges in bulk, saving on time and resource
  • Create your own price stickers or shelf labels for new and existing stock as its received or edited



  • Most reporting can be 'fine-tuned' to report on particular criteria (items, periods, values, clients and many more) and can be saved for future use
  • Products:  Performance, Key indicators, Stock profit, Stock value, Adjustment analysis
  • Sales:  Sales analysis, Seller and visit reporting, promotions analysis, graphing, loyalty
  • Clients:  Accounts, Sales, Clubs, Direct promotional mailing, Email details
  • Auditing:  Transactions reports, Discounts, Time Zones, Voids/Edits, General lists



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  • Retail Modules

    Retail Modules

    To maximise with the benefits above additional modules can be added onto your Toniq Retail software to maximise and increase your productivity and revenue.