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drug photos



Toniq's medicine image service. 100's of high quality photos available to be used for identification.

Use the images on Patient Charts in the dispensary or checking, when packing medicines.

The service is a valuable assistance in Aged care facilities, where the administrators of medicines have to ensure that the right medicine is given.

Where can I see the medicine photo?

  • On screen when a medicine is selected during prescription processing
  • On screen in medicine maintenance


Where can they be printed?

  • On Medicine charts for patients - the photos are shown alongside the dosages and directions
  • On the in-pharmacy checking document which shows any medicines that are new to a patient
  • On a summary report which shows the medicines that a patient is/has been taking.  This can even be broken down into rest homes, or even departments within a rest home.
  • 1CHART browser based charts and Medication Administration records




These photos on pharmacy-supplied patient charts, are particularly valued by Care Facilities.