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Toniq Dispensary

Toniq Dispensary manages pharmacy's dispensary operations.


Over 800 pharmacies in New Zealand use the Toniq dispensary program.


Dispensary uses Microsoft's SQL Server for the database and integrates with Toniq's Retail software and Toniq Corporate retail management software.

Patient information

  • Comprehensive history grid: Shows: Compliance, Concurrent medicines, Repeats status, Owings due, prescriptions on 'Hold'.
  • Dynamic dispensary label generation using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
  • Chinese, Korean, Arabic (or any language) characters can be used on prescription labels or other areas of data preparation (e.g. patient names). The program supports the international Unicode standard.
  • Detailed Patient Medication charts tailored for community patients and/or hospitals or rest homes.
  • Medicine Information leaflets: - choice of MIMS, Med+info or Medsafe
  • Dosepacking systems : Medico, Webster, Nimrod, Nomad, Apotex
  • Full patient intervention tracking for patient benefit.


Automated medicines dispensing

  • Batched prescription processing [Toniq "cycle processing" ] to rapidly process prescriptions.
  • Batch printing of dosepacks, medicine charts, signing sheets, delivery labels and PRN administration forms.
  • Integrates with the major automated ("Robotic") packing machines.


Stock management

  • Integration with the major wholesalers, for both Web and direct modem ordering using 'two way' communication
  • Multiple stock points for the separation of stock use eg: shop, dispensing, foils.
  • Medicine delisting, sole supply and discontinuation information to inform setting of replacement medicines.
  • Wireless PDAs can be used for stocktaking.


Integration with other systems

  • Fully integrated with MOH Sector Services (2008) 'two-way' electronic claims processing.
  • Wireless PDAs valuable part of claiming process to receive telephone prescriptions.
  • Regular Web downloads of 'up to the day' medicine files, wholesaler pricelists, medicine information.
  • Smooth lookup of prescriber registration details for online validation.
  • Clever integration to MIMS medicine information data for prescribing information and 'no nag' interaction checking for patient safety.
  • Card readers to read and store details from Patient identification cards (e.g. Community Services Cards)
  • Integrated with SMS (for directly sending text reminders) and e-mail to advise patients of owes/repeat availability.


Pharmacist Resources

  • Task management program for staff reminders, appointment diary, or patient interventions and incident management.
  • Toniq HelpDesk utility - three clicks and a Toniq helpdesk person is looking at your screen and able to help you straightaway.
  • Security logons with flexible access rights, to help you track who did what, when you want to.......


  • Dispensary Modules

    Dispensary Modules

    Here is a list of features that can be added to your Toniq Dispensary software that increase productivity and/or revenue.