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Toniq Corporate

Toniq Corporate is a central office database and toolset for the management of any number of branch stores.

The system is built on Microsoft's ".net" framework and uses the commercial strength SQL Server database.

two way flow of data

  • Data such as sales transactions and prescriptions can be received from stores at any specified frequency: every minute, once a day, once a week
  • Data can be directed down to the stores, e.g. details about new products, new pricing, upcoming promotional pricing, new product classifications
  • Product information such as availability of stock can be shared between stores in the group. For instance, if one store has insufficient stock, staff can check on available stock in neighbouring stores. All these shared features are subject to permissions and security



flexible data groupings

  • Branches can be defined into any number of groups; some groups may reflect geographical regions, others types of promotions or pricing structures that are relevant to the store
  • Products also can be defined into any number of groups, or hierarchies of groups, for different analysis or marketing purposes



nationwide loyalty clubs

  • Purchases (and bonus details) in one store is made available to other approved stores in the group
  • Reward vouchers issued in one store can be redeemed at another
  • Customer information, e.g. address changes, can be edited in store, or in central office and made available to all stores
  • Loyalty information can be exported to (or imported from) third party marketing companies



centralised ordering

  • Stock orders can be created, using dynamic ordering algorithms, on behalf of the stores and sent to the branch stores for confirmation
  • Stock orders can be consolidated from branches: the stores can create (or refine centrally created orders) and forward these to Toniq Corporate for consolidation and direction to suppliers



management reporting

  • Large number of management reports: stock/store/staff performance, financial
  • Report outputs available on a Web Server, where they can be viewed by authorised people anywhere in the world, e.g. at any desk or at home