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An Electronic Medication Charting System that:

  • Replaces paper and unreadable faxes,
  • Reduces delays and on-site visits,
  • Enables efficient workflow for medication management


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Phone: (03) 974 9411


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1CHART is a cloud based system that gives community pharmacists, general practitioners and Aged-care professionals real time access to their patients' medication information. And it's done securely with both a high level of data encryption and privacy protection. 1CHART could also be used for home care patients, Long term Care [LTC] patients and individuals


How does it work?

A good starting point is Toniq. Nearly all patients in Aged-care use a paper chart which has been designed by Toniq.

We have turned this into a fully interactive chart for use on the Web. 

Doctors, care staff and pharmacists have controlled access to view, edit and log events against the chart. Any changes to the chart are notified to the relevant people, in near real-time.


Pharmacies can ensure that dosepack and medication preparation is timely and more accurate than ever before.     



Is 1CHART integrated with my toniq dosepack system and dispensing?

1CHART is from Toniq. There are important points of integration, and these points will reduce workloads and increase accuracy.

  • The web based chart can be populated with information from the Toniq dosepack. That means there is no 're-keying', less work and no transposition errors
  • Notifications from the institution or GP [e.g. to stop a medicine] are sent directly into the Toniq Dispensary program; right where pharmacy staff are working. The notifications and work completion details are all logged to improve audit and safety. Toniq users do not need an external email process.
  • 1CHART automatically validates that information on the electronic chart is consistent with the dosepack details. What's packed is automatically checked against the chart. 
  • Pharmacists can access, immediately, a person's chart while dispensing. There is no need to launch a third-party program and have to enter time consuming validation details.  



Are electronic charts authorised for use in Aged-care?

All involved want to move from the error-prone, inefficient paper charts.  DHBs and the National Health Board are encouraging the implementation of electronic charts. A limited exemption negating the need for manually signed charts and administration sheets is permitted in approved circumstances.    



Will "signing sheets" become defunct too?

Definitely. 1CHART includes a medicine administration module, which can be used on PCs, notebook computers, tablets and mobile phones.



when can we use 1CHART?

Use of 1CHART commenced in March 2015 and is currently being rolled out.



How do we find out more?

Phone Toniq (03) 974 9411 or just drop an email to

Why not? Toniq is the market leader in pharmacy services, be it Aged-care, robotic dispensing, e-prescribing or medicines.